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Alex -

Today we got re-focused on the blog so that it now works for us and not vice versa.

You know all those times you do a makeover, a spring clean or even start from scratch only to be back in this same position a few months down the line wanting to do it all over again? Well I hope more than anything that this is not one of those occasions. 

I remember back in 2011 learning the valuable lesson of completing a task from start to finish instead of giving up as I usually did halfway through things. This was during my time walking the Camino Frances across Spain. I think here I'm learning that blogging is achievable for the non-blogger or at least the blogger who finds it doesn't come naturally. Either way I am determined to bridge the gap between what goes on here in the real world and how we can effortlessly share that online.  

So I'm hitting restart. 

I'm making this blog conform to my workflow and be about the story rather than noise and and gigabytes.  

After talking it over and exploring how we can best share ourselves we have gotten round to doing something about it.  

Here we are. In our living room, in our new house. This is us, just a couple of normies loving life and all the opportunities it presents. After shooting a little more at some different locations around the house and in the garden we reviewed, edited and exported our latest version of ourselves. 

Whether its a makeover or makeunder you're going for my mantra is to own it and as with this site it's about making it work for us.  

Expect to see us on Instagram and right here at The Adventures of Suzy and Alex.