Why We Chose To Become Wedding Photographers

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There are so many different paths photography can take you on, from digital artwork to landscapes to commercial product photography and fashion. Why did we choose to specialise in Wedding Photography? Here are my top ten reasons why - 

1. Real moments

Nothing is more exciting and rewarding than capturing a real moment and freezing it in time. A wedding day is full of wonderful, honest and special moments. 

2. Portraiture

I love taking photographs of many different subjects and locations, but portraiture is where my heart lies. Wedding photography is not only documenting an event, it is also a chance to photograph people in their happiest moments, surrounded by the people they love. It certainly makes for wonderful portraits! 

3. Happiness

True happiness, you’ve never seen anything like it more so than on someone's big day. Everywhere you look, people are beaming from ear to ear. 

4. Adrenaline

That surge of adrenaline I feel when the bride is walking down the aisle and the groom is about to take that first glimpse of her in her wedding dress, the pressure and excitement of capturing these moments means the work is never dull. 

5. Travel

Alex and I get to travel the length and breadth of the country and further afield to photograph weddings. We have been to some incredibly beautiful places and many of these locations we wouldn't have visited if it wasn't for our job. 

5. Money

Being a freelance photographer can be such a rewarding career path to choose, but it comes with the added pressure of making a living. Wedding photography is a great way to earn whilst doing what you love. 

6. Variation

Each wedding is different from the last which certainly keeps us on our toes when we are working. This makes life far more interesting and certainly never boring!

7. Creativity 

Stretching my creativity is very important to me and at every wedding, Alex and I try to do something a little different. I never want our wedding photographs to become repetitive and dull. 

8. Satisfaction

Once our wedding clients receive their photographs, the flurry of activity on Facebook and the emails of thanks we receive really makes it all worthwhile.

9. Meaningful

Commercial photography can be emotionless, but capturing a wedding is meaningful, our wedding clients have a lasting document of their special day to look back on forever. 

10. Working with Alex

This has to be at the top of my list, Alex and I work together to capture each wedding. We make the perfect photography team and it's pretty darn amazing! 

Suzy x