Iceland Road Trips Part 4: Jökulsárlón & back West

Suzy WimbourneComment

Day 4

The previous day we drove for miles and the day ahead had more of the same but not before a revisit to Jökulsárlón for sunrise before breakfast. 

This time we were the only people there. It was surreal and just as awe inspiring as the previous day. We walked towards the mountains to catch the sun rising in the east. 

With all this space to explore we split off and did our own thing. I headed down to the waterfront and saw ripples in the water. Then I noticed a head bobbing. After staring optimistically for a while there it was... A curious seal! I followed it for a while as it seemed to show some interest. It may also have explained the bubbles we saw and heard yesterday evening during the sunset at the lake. 

We had to head back to the hotel before 9 to get our complimentary breakfast as we were now out of food. Breakfast was too good, apart from the smoked trout that smelled like cigarettes and we filled ourselves for the journey ahead. 

On the journey to our third accommodation for the week we visited the famous sea stacks that were once Trolls. We also visited a beautiful gorge that required a little off-roading to reach. 

By evening we approached our log cabin for the next three days. Accessed via a security gate, this community of holiday lets was in an idyllic location for exploring the Golden Circle over the next few days. 

We had lucked out. The front door opened to warmth and inside the wood cladded ceiling and walls bore homely features and ample space for us to relax. The first thing Jon did was to switch on the hot tub and soon after we gathered in the living area to cheers to the day and settle in to doing some of our favourite things. Music, a jigsaw puzzle and home cooking made for the best end to another fantastic day.