Iceland Road Trip Part 5: Golden Circle

Suzy WimbourneComment

Day 5

Our first full day in the golden circle could have been a rainy day write off but we didn't let it deter us from heading out to visit the nearby sites.

The empty roads we had driven near exclusively were now populated with customised and oversized 4x4s for the day trippers and the sites we were to visit were more touristy than we had been accustomed to all week. 

The first site was Gullfoss, a monster of a waterfall and majestic even in the rain. It's ferocity was frightening as it tore through the landscape and we stood in awe as our inner geologists came out to play again, making sense of how this wonder is achieved. 

Iceland has that effect on you at every sight and we'd talk for hours about how something so beautiful, powerful or alien is formed. 

Further down the road from Gullfoss is Geysir, the first named of its kind, now just a boiling bubble but within the vicinity of a few other geysers, one of which propels hot water 15 feet high every 7 or 8 minutes. Crowds knew when to gather for each roughly timed display and afterwards quickly dispersed. 

Back on the 35, we attempted a final stop off at another waterfall but as we turned onto more of an off road track which we knew would last at least a couple of miles we decided against it and headed back towards our log cabin. 

Back at our lovely log cabin we feasted on a bbq dinner, another dip in the hot tub and some spontaneous and hilarious Pictionary/ Charades type games accompanied by the remainder of our Jim Beam and Gordon's Gin purchased at the airport. 

For a rainy day we definitely made the most of it and were glad it happened now and not during the other days.