Iceland Road Trip Part 2: Snæfellsjökull National Park

Suzy WimbourneComment

Day 2 

Today we learned just how unpredictable the weather is in Iceland. Getting caught in the rain is an inevitable part of exploring the Icelandic landscape and throughout the day we were making a dash for the car when the heavens began to pour. Without the car as shelter there is otherwise nowhere to hide thanks to the distinct lack of trees here. 

We explored the North Western peninsular on a circular journey that included a gravel road through the mountains, rainbows at every turn, giant waterfalls by the roadside, ponies and very few other people.  

Pearlescent black and ominous cliffs made our first stop for the day. The shapes in the face had been carved like french fries by the Atlantic ocean and out of the water rose sea stacks that looked as though lava had bore a half pipe in one explosion.  

We then drove a little until we entered Snæfellsjökull National Park. There was a site of interest we hadn't read up on before setting out but it looked good and we decided to take the trail to a couple of Viking archaeological sites before returning to the car for a picnic lunch. 

It was one of those days of road tripping and stopping off whenever we felt like it, be it a lay by with fantastic views or an extinct volcano crater with volcanic rock that weighed next to nothing. 

My favourite place was one of our final stops where a short walk from the car park took us to a black sand beach. It was other worldly, desolate and raw. Further back were bits and pieces of an old wreckage, rusted to burnt orange colour, a vivid contrast to the black cliffs and sand before it. It would be easy to imagine we could be on Mars in a place like this. 

Although we wanted to carry on exploring our bodies had tired from the crisp air and overload of sight seeing. There was even a point in the afternoon when sat in the welcomed warmth of the car that all four of us took a nap before braving the weather again. 

In preparation for the 7 hour journey south east tomorrow we called it an early night. I think I woke up once or twice to see if there was any aurora activity like the previous night but it wasn't to be.