Being Your Own Boss

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Over the past three years, Alex and I have built up two businesses and make a living from what we do. Being your own boss has many perks as well as providing day to day challenges and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The Perks and Difficulties Of Being Your Own Boss

1. Working to your own timeline. 

Perks - This means we're able to work when we are feeling most productive. It may sound cliche, but it’s hard to get your creative juices flowing at prescribed hours of the day. Choosing our own working hours means we can work when we are at our most productive. For me, this is mid morning and mid afternoon. For Alex, this can be any time from first thing in the morning to the middle of the night. Most of our scheduled work is at the weekend, which means we often take our days off in the middle of the week when places are often less busy.  
Difficulties - Choosing your own work hours can sometimes be a curse. It is difficult to know when to switch off and take a step back from the workload. Emails from clients often come at the end of a working day or late on a Sunday evening. We just have to tell ourselves that 10pm on a Sunday evening is probably not a necessary time to reply to a wedding enquiry. 
2. Set your own tasks and deadlines.

Perks - Being your own boss means you have nobody to tell you what to do! Alex and I work together as a team, both working to our own strengths when it comes to getting things done. We encourage each other and  brainstorm together to come up with ideas and ways to further the businesses.
We have to be strict with ourselves, especially with our deadlines such as learning songs for weddings or editing photographs for clients. Self discipline is necessary...but we can all be procrastinators sometimes!

3. Enables an open path to success.

Perks - Working for ourselves means we have the freedom to take any opportunity that comes our way without sacrificing an income. Over the past three years, both our music and photography businesses have reached a point we never even imagined which is thanks to our open mentality with regards to the progression and success of our work.

Difficulties - It was a high risk decision for Alex to quit his graduate job for us to join together in launching ourselves head first into making a financial success of what we do. At the beginning the whole thing was very daunting and at times quite stressful, but with perseverance it got easier and we were able to be more selective with our work as time went on.

If like us you work for yourself, what's your favourite thing and what is your biggest challenge?