Why We Blog

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We are very new to the blogging world and although it may seem daunting, it's also a very exciting outlet which we plan to explore and make what we can from it. Having spent some time reading other lifestyle blogs and loving what we found in the blogging world, we decided it was high time we took the plunge. Here are 5 reasons why we blog.

1. To Share Ideas and Information

We want our blog to be a place filled with inspiring and informative posts which keep readers interested and we can share our knowledge and experiences about building up a creative business from scratch. We take a lot of inspiration and ideas from many other creatives and so want to be a part of this collaborative creative community.

2. Connect With an Audience Who Share Our Interests

The first point leads onto this one. Living in the north west of England, we know there are plenty of creative business minded people we can network with, but we want to reach further than this, connecting with couples and individuals alike who have taken a similar path to us. We'd love to meet, collaborate, or simply seek out these people!

3. Document Our Adventures

A blog is like an online diary, a place which is very personal, but at the same time invites others to take a peek into a slice of your life. We love to read about other people's adventures and so want to share some of ours. 

4. Inspire Someone Else

We hope to inspire readers as well as present a look behind the scenes of what we do and how we do it. 

5. It's Fun!

We are really looking forward to throwing ourselves into the blogiverse and enjoying every opportunity that emerges from it! 


Why do you blog?