We are Suzy and Alex and back in 2011 we first fell for each other and soon after we pursued our passions for music and photography. From a business plan to our way of life, we are contented business owners, home owners and creatives, and we view life as one great adventure. 

We photograph weddings all over the UK and beyond and we also perform at them too (but very very rarely on the same day). That isn't everything we do with photography and music to make ends meet but its a fair statement to say we work in the wedding industry. This means that most weekends we get to share, create and document these amazing moments that will never ever be repeated again. 

In our first years of business we kept music and photography separate and so without some internet digging you wouldn't be aware of what else we did. We did this to avoid confusion and we also thought it might risk our credibility as professionals in both photography or music. However, in the end we realised potential clients will buy into us, our personality and our references even more so than any paid for advertisement. It helps greatly that we have all this experience to go forward with in our businesses and The Adventures of Suzy and Alex is here to not only bridge the gap between our music and photography but to further help us to tell our story and show you more of what we are about.